Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm Back with good reason

Sorry for the time off from this blog. I got my old shift back which cuts into my free time. It gives me more game time but less computer time. I also got to see what a tournament was like. But before we get to that I'll get into what new things we've seen for Warmachine.

I faced Gators for the first time and must say Gatorman Posse are gross. This unit hits hard has at least 40 damage boxes and really slapped me around. I will say one problem I had with them was the my opponent fielded 2 units of Posse. I couldn't really tell one unit from the other as far as painting goes. I really hurt both units but would have focused on one or the other knowing that Revive was bringing a gator back. The fact they can chew up a light jack in one turn was really impressive. My list had a Vanquisher (my new favorite jack) and 2 Repenters. The lights did set a lot of stuff on fire but having such high armor it didn't do much. I thought my Cinerators where hard to kill! Armor 20, (up to 24) 8 boxes, and a reach weapon for only 1 point more is wrong. I will also say the list that was taken was basically his 35 point list minus 10 for me playing at 25 still. He knew his list very well and made good use of his feat turn to club me like the baby seal I am. 

I also ran into the Molik Karn missile the same night. The basic list is a Titan Gladiator and Karn. Once again I was using the same list just different caster. So having 2 light warjacks didn't really help all that much against 2 heavies. I did do a good job at focusing on killing 1 major threat but really misjudged Moliks threat range. I moved my Cinerators to try to give Karn no charge threats but really just opened up my caster. Severious can't take to many hits from Molik Karn!

So in my last 4 games including 2 against Cygnar I'm 0-4. I do think I've lost most of my games due to less then an inch more then me just screwing up. Or is me making a range guess wrong a screw up hmm? Anyways I've slowed down on painting since I'm spending more time with the family after work. I do have pSeverious, a 50% complete Piper (thanks Micah for the fig!) and a 90% complete Vanquisher since my last post. I also got a great deal on a Avatar of Menoth. $14 on ebay plus $2.44 for the card from Privateer Press for a whopping $16.44 warjack! I'm looking at Temple Flameguard with UA as the next unit I get. Big shout out to Jason for helping with rules, list options, and blog love! Once again thanks for reading and I'll do better at updates I promise.