Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2 game Tues. and more paint

Got in two games yesterday. The first game was a normal beat'em up game. 20 points since it's what I have. Dustin had a new arrival of pEiryss which was pretty scarey. I think this is the best team Dustin has used. Arcane gun mages have magic pistols so my Hymns don't affect it. Also the Journeyman warcaster with Charger seems like a natural fit. He used Stryker to counter my feat with his feat. Stormcaller are a unit I really hate and I faced a Ironclad for the 1st time. Speaking of first times. This is Dustin's first picture on the internet with clothes on!

The grey building in the center of the table was my Eiryss counter. I was hoping to hide along the far side to keep out of line of sight. Instead of giving a turn by turn I'll just hit the highlights. Turn two I had a tough choice of disrupting the Charger or killing a Stormcaller. Either had a good chance of killing my Eiryss so I went for the long term choice and killed the Stormcaller. Charger is pretty much nerfed by the Passage Hymn. Since he couldn't hurt any of my big hitters I ignored him. I had to take Eiyrss out of cover to get the shot but it stopped triangulation from killing a lot of support models. Bunched up Gun mages make nice Cleansing Fire targets. I really like my Arc Node. I was really worried those guys would get out of hand. One spell took out 4 of the 6. We did wonder if their shot Snipe and the spell Snipe stacked.

So towards the end of the game it was Repenter vs Eiryss with the Repenter winning. Revenger and Mechanik vs Ironclad fighting to a draw. Crusader vs Stryker with the Ironclad coming in to assist. Repel shield and losing my halberd helped him disengage but it won me the game.

So at the above point Stryker was knocked down but had +5 from his feat and Arcane Shield on him camping 3 focus. Armour 26 seems pretty good. I could take him down to 5 boxes left. The next thing I know I'm getting trampled by the Ironclad after being disrupted by Stryker.

The good part about this was I get knocked back 3 inches out of melee. The Revenger has lost it's Arc Node and the Mechanik is dead. I move Kreoss in within 8 inches and start to throw out Immolation at Stryker. Boosting to hit and damage twice for the kill. If the ironclad had just charged I would have been shooting spells into hand to hand trying to hit Def 20 off of 7. I do understand the idea I'd have to spend either my move or action to stand up being disrupted and out of melee.

Game 2 was a mosh pit game. Using Passage Hymn really messes with a force with Charger, Lancer, and Defender in it. Lancer led the way and met Eiryss getting disrupted. Repenter caught Haley his new caster on fire. Vassal made the Repenter catch Lancer on fire. While the Crusader blocked Charger. Main points to this game was that Eiryss has a 7 movement. Dustin shot at Kreoss but was just short. I was so sure he was in range I cast Defenders Ward on him just to help out. Eiryss was about an inch shot. Later on I found out that he only moved her 6 thinking that was her movement. With her in range of the Choir I popped feat and charged her with 3 of them. The Choir like the all stars they are killed Eiryss with a massive POW 6 weapon thanks to charging! With Haley down to about 5 boxes left after continuous fire damage went in with the Revenger and the it's Arc Node. Lets just say that Arcane Vortex sucks! It stopped Cleansing Fire and Immolation twice for the cost of only 3 focus. My Eiryss then went in for the kill hitting but only rolling 3 for damage on a POW 10 weapon that didn't crack her armor. I pass turn. It starts with Lancer putting out it's fire. Haley stays on fire and I roll huge for fire killing her. Just for fun Dustin saw if Charger could have killed Kreoss and it would have.

Fun games I ready to have more models to change up the army some. On to the NFL my picks where 10-7 I won my fantasy football game sitting in 4th place at 2-1. The Eagles are really killing my this year. 29 points given up in the last 2 fourth quarters sucks. I saw run the ball to protect Vick. It slows the pass rush and play action freezes linebackers. McCoy is running well and Ronnie Brown is a great compliment to him. I never would have guessed we'd be last in the division at any point this year. Thanks for reading!

Oh and for a great time waster try this out

Friday, September 23, 2011

Paint and picks

So not really much happening this week after the games Sunday. I have listened to some! That is a great pod cast. I was listening to Episode 6 which was about pSeverius. The timing for that is great since he's still on the block of new casters I'm thinking of buying. I can't say how much I like that cast and supporting web site. Great job once again. I do think the shows are better when it's a faction I play against or Menoth since I know the forces a little better that way.

I did get some painting in this week. I have Kreoss, the Choir leader, and eEiryss left to paint. I'm going to try to knock those out by the end of the month. The 2 player box will give me a ton to paint so I'd better catch up. I'll be basing and doing high lights over the weekend. I'm not sure I like the white in the Crusader it doesn't look very clean but I tried. The Repenters fail looks much cooler in person by the way.

Now on to football picks for the week.
New England over Buffalo, another 500 yards from Brady?
Panthers over the Jags, Scam Newton has been playing good time for a win.
San Fran over the Bengals, a hard game to pick but the 49er's can win it.
Cleveland over Miami, The Browns should be 2-0 they'll at least be 2-1 now.
Lions over Vikings, McNabb should play better though.
Saints over Texans, New Orleans isn't the Colts!
Eagles over the Giants, Phillys home opener an easy pick.
Titans, over Denver, I like there pretty colored uniforms (JK)
Jets over the Raiders, Def wins championships
Chargers over the Chiefs, most lop sided game of the week?
Ravens over Rams, bounce back game for Baltimore.
Packers over the Bears, have I ever said Chicago's overrated?
Arizona over Seattle, Larry Fitzgerald has a monster week.
Falcons over Tampa Bay, the Bucs can't beat a team with a winning or even record.
Steelers over the Colts, This game looked close 2 months ago.
Redskins over Cowgirls, Washington take the 15 yard penalty and blast Romo to the ER!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New caster and I mean it

So I'm getting really excited over the chance of making a huge change to my force. I'm down to only four model that need painting so looking at another purchase. Unless someone can change my mind before Saturday I'm either going with Feora or Severius. I know your thinking great dummy both have a prime and epic version. So before we talk about them I'm looking at focus counts only. I'm trying to figure out should I go up one focus or down a focus. I'm also looking ahead at the two player battle box and know I'll be taking more then likely four jacks in my final 35 point list. So having more focus seems a way to go. All four casters will give me an extra point to spend on war jacks as well.

What I like about pFeora is the feat is very straight forward. Also having two POW 12 shots even if the RAT's only 5 seems good to have as well. Flame Wall looks like a spell I could really use. Now the things I don't like. I'm not planning on taking Flameguard troops at this point. The only spell of her's I've used before is Immolation which is decent. Blazing Effigy seems killer but a real focus hog.

The first thing that stands out on eFeora is Caustic Fire. I really think continuous fire is now great but it's almost like a free damage roll 66% of the time. Having a range 10 POW 12 spray seems real good. I haven't seem another 10 inch spray either. Using my current list and bonding my Revenger would make it so all my jacks have a chance of setting units on fire. The spells Escort and Ignite seem right up my play style as well. So comparing the two I'd have to say eFeora is winning the argument even though her feat is way more situational.

Prime Severius would give me a bigger control range, more focus, and an extra jack point. Having the spells Defenders Ward and Immolation still would make the learning curve a little lower. I really like Defenders Ward it's by far my most used spell. Eye of Menoth and Battle Hymn would give my jacks +3 attack and +3 Damage. Cast on the first turn seems the way to go! The Divine Might feat is very simalar to feats I've faced but doesn't help against hordes as much. Ashes to Ashes seems like an infantry killer and Vision seems really annoying. To bad I can't have Defenders Ward and Vision on the same jack.

The Epic version of Severius has mostly the same stat line with two increases. Fires of Communion and Influence really makes Severius a controlling caster. Taking control of a weapon master warrior seems like a tactic I really want to try. Even if I make them run away it's like buying another turn that I don't have to deal with them. But having them attack there own forces looks really tasty. Admonisher and Warjack Bond are very nice free abilities to abuse. Holy Ward and the Battle Hymn look like they would be close friends make ranged armies (Cygnar) cry a little. Once again I'm leaning to the epic version of this caster as well.

I'm hoping that taking a new caster will help make it tougher for people to play against me. Up until now they know what my force will be and what to expect. I'm ready to mix it up on them. I also know if I want to play in a tournament having 2 caster in most formats is a must. I'm really looking for some advise on which way to go with this choice. Also let me know if I missed anything about these casters.

9-7 again in football picks and my fantasy team got crushed. I bench Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez. Didn't play Nick Folk. Can't leave 50 points on the bench and expect to do well. The Eagles blowing a 4th quarter lead is still hard to think about.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday games for a change

So I took vacation yesterday to watch the Eagles game and to get in some Warmachine. For the record I played like the Eagles in both of my games. Game 1 was 20 points against Dustin and his Cygnar. The learning curve for me is still very steep I'm finding out. This is my normal set up with eEiryss being off the right away from my jacks.

The opening turns looked like this. We used the hills an impassable except where the stairs where.

So if Dustin needs a 9 to hit with Arc Lightning he will roll dice that look something like this.

I'm really glad Mike was there to see how often this happens. Mike has been reading this blog and thought I was trying to get sympathy and just taking pictures of dice sitting on 6's. It was so bad that Mike was wondering if the dice where loaded. This shot took out my Vassal and half the Choir. The other big turn of events was right after this shot.

Behind that building is Nemo, a Stormsmith, and Stormclad. eEiyrss would be shooting at Stormclad if I had a shot. Instead I just ran up between the Lancer and the Stormclad. I was hoping a MAT 7 trying to hit a DEF 16 would be hard to do. Not for Dustin's magic dice rolls. Box cars again! I thought I was safe needing 9's to hit without him being able to boost the hits. I did get a turn where he couldn't allocate focus to two of his Jacks. The other really fun thing about this game was the Stormsmith was coming around the building he was hiding behind to try to engage Eiryss. Not a bad plan it's better to lose a 1 point model then let his heavy get disrupted all game again. Once Stormclad and the magic dice killed Eiryss though and since he couldn't see around the building he forget it was there. At the end of the game I told Dustin that building was the most important piece of terrain ever and handing him his model.

Now to my mistakes. Read the enemies list! Stormclad has reach and I didn't know that until I brought out Kroess who was on the 2nd level of the hill to engage Nemo. I pumped Immolation at Nemo a couple of times then got killed my the Stormclad. It wasn't as close as Tuesday but Nemo was in pretty bad shape.

The next game was against Mike. Sorry I don't have pics of this game we where trying to squeeze in the game. I wanted to get home to see the Eagles game and still had a kid to pick up. This Skorne list was Morghoul, a Titan Gladiator, 2 Cyclops, an Agonizer, Paingiver Beast Handlers, and Nihilators. Using Abuse, Rush, and Enraging the Titan made for a huger bull charge. The Agonizer being close stopped me from doing real damage with my jacks. Kroess and my Crusader made quick work of the Gladiator. With the battle Hymn helping the jack and popping my feat on the 2nd turn. But forgetting Battle Hymn was on my Revenger cost me from killing the Agonizer the turn I should have. I also tried to use Eiryss's def to tie up the Nihilators but she couldn't stop the 6 of them from hitting and killing her. I must be thinking 16 is a better DEF then it really is.  I was doing a good job tearing up units until I charged a Beasthandler instead of the Nihilators. The swordsman back charged me and boosted damage and average hit dice killed Kreoss.

It was still fun. The learning curve is still huge for me. I think once I start playing games where I don't make mistakes or misorder operations I'll be a hard person to fight. Until then I'll paint, read, and enjoy this game. I would like to thank the Eagles defense for playing 3 solid quarters and then falling asleep. But then again if the offense runs in a touchdown before the half instead of fumbling they cruse though that game.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mid week update

So this week the game was so close it really got me thinking. Eiryss was really well used and wasted all in the same game. Leaving Nemo with 1 damage box is still haunting me. Kill Nemo and the Hammersmith can't do anything. I also need to ask my readers how good is Eiyrss against Hordes? Mike plays Skorn is she really worth it against them? I am happy I really went for it in that turn. I could have camped focus, healed, or gone for the kill. I think I played like I had a pair by going for it. Also missing with my charge attack was a huge mistake I'll never make again. Since then I've been reading about Throws and Slams. Knockdown seems huge so I'm looking for more ways to achieve that. I've also seen how that can help with some of my less accurate shooting units.

Now on to my NFL picks for the week.
Buffalo over the Raiders, I don't think either are that great so I'm giving it to the home team
Green Bay over the Panthers, The Pack are that good.
Lions over the Chiefs, Detroit is going to be tough every game they play.
Browns over the Colts, Cleveland really let last week game go.
Vikings over Tampa Bay, Tampa was the most over rated team last year
Saints over Bears, Cutler will be crying again after this one.
Jets over the Jags, New York's defense is going to do the job again.
Steelers over the Seahawks, It would make me laugh for Pitt to go 0-2 though
Ravens over the Titans, Can you believe Flaco was rated under Freeman in the top 200 players?
Arizona over the Redskins, Kolb is an ex-Eagle so he'll shred Washington for 300 yards 3 TD's
Cowboys over the 49er's, Once again seeing the Cowgirls at 0-2 would be awesome!
Bengals and Bronco, Give it the home team in another loser bowl
Houston over the Dolphins, The Texans are just a better team all the way around.
New England over the Chargers, Should be a great game but I can't pick against Brady.
Eagles over the Falcons, Will I ever pick against the Eagles? Umm duh HELL NO!
Rams over the Giants, New York is the only team more beat up then the Rams.

There you have it. Also on the weekly planner starting to do highlights and bases. Also I'm painting up my Repenter.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1 F'en point!

So it being Tuesday it's game day. Taking 20 points for the 1st time. Now my mystery unit was none other than Epic Eiryss! Dustin had to read her card no less then 10 times. Well worth the money. His list this week was Nemo, Hammersmith, Defender, 6 long gunners, and 3 Stormcaller Stormsmiths. When I saw his army and 2 heavy jacks I was very happy. He also went long gunners instead of Arcane Gun Mages which means I can use Passage Hymn all game long. My biggest mistake last week was dropping that Hymn during my feat turn. This week we felt pictures would be bad. Playing on my kitchen table using jars of okra as a forest and a candle holder for terrain. I used my normal set up having the Revenger lead the charge with Crusader and Repenter as a counter charge.

I won the die roll and went first. Revenger in the lead with Defenders Ward and the Mechanik behind it in case it took any damage. Eiryss took to the forest and well away from my warjacks. Dustin moves up curving the long gunners some so they could take out the Mechanik. RAT 10 POW 15 hurts. I can't believe it dies I just finished painting him. The 2 heavy jacks came straight up the middle. Nemo also used a spell to move the Defender closer.

Next turn I shoot the Hammersmith with Eiryss disrupting him and Charged Defender with Revenger. I missed with the shield which was bad I wanted to push it back a little. Crusader moves up the left flank. Dustin does some serious damage to Revenger taking out it's halberd but it's still got the shield. He also cast a spell that disrupted Revenger. I really like having a 21 Def on a light jack. Crusader took a damage from a Stormcaller.

This turn I gave 3 focus to the Repenter and was planning on feating since it would knock down both heavies and 2 Stormcallers. Shooting the Hammersmith again with Eiryss was getting pretty annoying for Dustin but that's her job. I hit the Defender with the repulsor shield and pushed it far enough away to let the Repenter charge it. Kroess cast Cleansing Fire on the Defender catching it on fire. Kreoss also used Immolation to kill on Stormcaller the Vassal Arcane Bolted the other on the on that table side. I charge with the Repenter. Now comes my mistake. I roll the charge hit and get snake eyes. I'm not sure if I have to roll since knocked down model get auto hit. Anyways "the dice where rolled" and I missed the charge and free boosted damage hit. I paid for another attack and did some damage to the Defender. Dustin also used his feat which disrupted all my jacks. Defender hit Repenter hard enough with it's 5 focus (thanks Nemo) to kill it. Arc Lightning killed 3 Choir and hurt Kroess.Long Gunners took Kroess down to 7 damage remaining.

This turn some serious damage was done Eiryss shot the Hammersmith again. Crusader charged and killed the Defender. Kreoss used the Revengers arc node to cast Cleansing Fire twice. The first killed 4 long gunners and hurt Nemo. The 2nd took Nemo down to 1 damage box left. Wow did I already shoot with Eiryss? Did I just lose the game because I don't understand order of operations? Nemo dies who cares what the Hammersmith does. Well I pass the turn. Dustin shoots wit the 2 remaining long gunners taking me to 5 damage boxes left. Shoots ball lightning at Kreoss and misses. Nemo then casts Arc Lightning does do enough to damage. Uses his last focus to do it again needing a 6 to kill Kroess. Dice come up 4 and 2. I lose by 1 point and die by 1 point.

MVP's of the game Eiryss is a stud she made the Hammersmith a walking piece of terrain. The Choirs passage hymn is great against Cygnar shooting. This game my mistakes where still costing me but it was real fun. Having my new purchase make such a difference made me happy with the choice. The Crusader finally got a kill. Next week I am hoping to get Mike and Dustin together on Sunday before the Eagles game to play. I love it when my wife says "you have 80 hours of vacation use a day!"

Speaking of football my picks came out to 9-7. My fantasy team killed it scoring the 2nd most points in the league. Next week the Eagles have the Sunday night game so I think it'll be chili and beer at the house.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Day before games

I'm getting ready for a Tuesday of either burning Cygnar or Khador. I have 20 points now so either force could show up. I hope my new additions work like I hope. Since we'll be playing on make shift terrain I'm thinking of making a green bean can forest where when you enter it you'll take a POW 14 Jolly Giant damage roll. Or we can make it a creamed corn canal where you suffer Kernel in my poop knock down when you exit. Either way I'm really hoping for a mistake free game. I want to allocate my focus efficiently and not waste my Crusader. I'm also hoping that my Mechanik over Wrack choice was a good one. Looking at some casters with only 5 focus it seems I may really want those models. On the new caster note I'm looking at caster with Defenders Ward for starters. I really like this spell. I'm also looking at pretty straight forward feats for now. Using Kroess's feat is more a matter of timing not finesse. I'd like to stick with that while I learn more about my force in general.

The Mechanik was a fun model with lots of little bits to fiddle with. I looks better then my camera gives it credit I think. The new paint brushes have been a great help. I think I'll grab some more since Choir leader and Kreoss are coming up very soon. The Repenter will be next up I think though. Mike gave me a Krylon nozzle since I'm not smart enough to read directions. Flat black makes a good undercoat and for the cost I'll never buy Citadel primer again!

This is whats got some color on it so far. I got the Vassal's shoulder pad symbols done. One I'm really happy with the other not so much. I think if I have time before Dustin comes by I may work on some bases in the morning.

Great day for opening weekend of football. Eagles win and the Cowboys lose can't get much better then that. How did the Falcons make the Bears look so good? I know they didn't play anyone but the Bengals and Bills put a whoopin on yesterday.  I'm only down 15 points in my fantasy league with Janikowski and Welker still to play. The best move I made was starting Steve Smith at 11:15 before heading to the sports bar! Thanks again for reading I'm of to make dinner.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I promised pics

I'm thinking off adding some white at the bottom of the robes. Also the shoulder symbols need to get done. It's hard to see but the mask came out pretty good. I got some new models so I'm going to start undercoating today so I have some stuff to paint tomorrow. I also think I'm set for models till the battle box comes out. I bought a Vassal Mechanik yesterday. My list has the 3 jacks, Kreoss, and my surprise unit as hitters. I'm pretty support heavy at this point but they all seem to fit really well. The games on Tues will be at my house so don't expect good terrain it may be the battle of green bean cans. When my wife and I bought the house we're in we had a dedicated game room with a 6'x4' Warhammer table but that was a kid ago. Somehow they think they need room for toys and silly things like beds. I'm trying to get my wife to find some Warmachine or Hordes models she like so I can get some home games in with her. She had some really wild color schemes when she painted.

Well I'm going to head to a sport bars now and hope Amberbach is on tap. Go Eagles!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New additions to the team

Well the Vassal paint job is coming along. I really like the way the Quiet Riot mask turned out but the shoulder white could be better. I forgot that I've been painting the white areas grey first since I undercoat black. Also the Menoth symbols aren't painted because I'll screw them up. I'll post pics later I have my camera at work. I'm really torn about announcing here what new figure I've picked up I'm wanting a nice surprise for Dustin on Tuesday. But with this addition I'm 1 point from 20 or if I take only a min unit of Choir I'm 2 off. At 1 point my options are really either the Wrack or Vassal Mechanik. I'm leaning towards the Mechanik since I run three jacks. This week if I could have healed 1 point from the Crusader it would have been huge. I could have charged or walked up to the Stormclad from behind and more then likely taken it out. Then give the Passage Hymn to it so the long gunners couldn't hurt it. I do really want to paint the Wrack and I have a cool conversion idea to make them really look different.

So a few conversation this week where pretty interesting. Dustin is looking into a Hordes army. His choices are between Trolls and Circle. I like the Circle idea since fur is more flammable. Historically burning trolls was the only way to kill them completely so either is really fine. We also talked about me having 2 units of Choir so I could buff and make them not be shot at. Dustin really didn't like this idea but I'm making him think I'm leaning that direction. Looking at the upcoming month I think I'll be at 35 points after I get the battle box around the 1st of Oct. and Mike will have some sick Khador. I'll then really start looking at another caster or Hordes army. As far as another army goes it'll be Legion and it'll be a slow progress since the figures I want are pretty pricey.

On a personal side I won't be posting on Fridays for a while due to overtime at work. Also Peyton Manning was a stupid pick in the10th round. Tomorrow will be a fun day. Eagles and beer at noon and a play with the wife at 7 should be a fun day off. A really want to give another shout out to this is way more then a pod cast it's an deluxe battle report with great analysis. Those guys do a great job keep it up! Also thanks to Hero Complex here in Wichita for having the WHOLE line of Warmachine/Hordes in stock. Open at 11:00 AM on Tues please! Thanks again for reading I'm having a great time playing this game.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life beyond Warmachine and Hordes

The plan for today. Start painting the Vassal of Menoth, Aikido, and then head to work. While this is going on have the washing machine do some work for me. Not a whole lot of Warmachine to talk about so we'll make some NFL picks and show off my fantasy team.

Green Bay over the Saints,  have to stick with the champs
Steelers over the Ravens,  even though Rapistburger is a terrible QB still
Falcons over the Bears, Chicago will finish last in their Div.
Browns over the Bengals, Cleveland look tough and have a soft opening schedule
Houston over the Colts, No Manning no win
Titans over the Jag, Chris Johnson is all I have to say about this
KC over the Bills, with or with Cassel
Lions over the Bucs, Detroit will be the team the Packers have to worry about
Eagles over the Rams, Like I would pick some other team
Arizona over the Panthers, Kolb is the real deal
Vikings over the Chargers, One of the better match ups this weekend
49ers over the Seahawks, may as well give it to the home team they both suck
Giants over the Redskins, Washington is worse then last year
Jets over Dallas, Romo will throw 2 TD's to the Jets
Pats over the Dolphins, Tom and company looked amazing in preseason
Oakland over Denver, not a very good Monday night game at all

My fantasy team is
Matt Ryan
Rashard Mendenhall
Maurice Jones-Drew
Wes Welker
Deion Branch
Braylon Edwards
Antonio Gates
Sebastion Janikowski
Eagles defense

Best guy on the bench Peyton Manning picked up in round 10. I know he's not playing this week but I think he'll be playing sooner then later. Well sorry I'm not really on topic today.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ready to move past the Choir

So I needed something to do while watching Sons of Anarchy last night so I painted my last Choir grunt. I still need to base, wash, ink, and highlight them but it's table ready anyways. I'm saving the officer it I get more confident in my painting he's got a ton of detail. Next up is the Vassal of Menoth. I really want this guy to get painted. He's been a great solo for me. I really like the units I have bought after the battle box.

I'm thinking the Repenter will get the paint brush after the Vassal. I'm also trying using Krylon flat black over a dedicated model primer. Agents/Wizards Asylum had primer for 14.99 vs Walmart having Krylon at 3.95. I hope the savings is justified. My main worry is the paint will be to thick and fill in details. Worse case it doesn't work and I dunk him in brake fluid and start over.

I figure at this point I'll go into some more about me the author. I live in Wichita, KS married for 14 years and have 3 kids. I'm really excited about the NFL season starting. I'm about the only Philadelphia Eagles fan around and have been since back in the Randall Cunningham days. My favorite Eagles all time are William Thomas, Brian Dawkins, and Chad Lewis. I also try to play Magic the Gathering as much as possible. I like the Commander or EDH format the most right now. I do have a friend that has a great cube which is a fun and cheap (free) way to draft. I favorite TV programs are the Ultimate Fighter, Hell's Kitchen, and Spartacus. I also enjoy walks on the beach (umm in KS?) and days off from work. Till next time thanks for reading and all the great feedback.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stop shooting me!

So another Tuesday in the books. Got in 2 games before we picked up the kids from school. First game was as 15 pointer so I took all my models except 2 Choir. The is Kreoss, min unit of Choir, Crusader, Revenger, Repenter, and Vassal of Menoth. Dustin took 6 long gunners, Stormclad, Charger, and pHaley. My plan was to use the Revenger with Defenders Ward to soak up some damage with the Crusader came around on a flank. The Repenter help out the Revenger and Kreoss would be channeling spells till it was feat time. This game I felt was much better then last Tuesdays. It was so bad last week I felt I should have gotten a reach around from Dustin.

My only real regrets are not using the Crusader very well at all and Dustin having loaded dice. On this turn I channeled Cleansing Fire through the Revenger at the Charger. I hit it hard enough to take out his cortex which was cool by me. I knew some pain was coming next turn though. I used the Hymn Passage for the whole game except on my feat turn. I'll get to that in a second.

I knew the Stormclad would be charging so I kept the Repenter back to counter charge. Charger not being able to boost helped a lot. It did some damage but not much. During the charge Dustin was dice minus 2 to damage I felt I could make it out with only maybe 7 damage to the Repenter.

Just so people know Dustin didn't roll 3 box cars on me this time. The top die is a only a 5! That was attack number one of 3. Lets just say the Revenger didn't make it to the next turn. I was planning on popping my feat and charging with the Repenter so I used the battle Hymn to push some damage through hoping to eliminate some core systems on the Stormclad. That was not to be. I did do some damage but it was all over his damage box so nothing was disabled. I had the Vassal use Enliven on the Crusader to try to set up a back charge after getting shot by the long gunners.

Haley feated and the pain started coming. Charger shot at Kreoss doing 3 damage. Stormclad tore through the Repenter with 2 attacks. The long gunners hit and did some damage to Crusader moving it within charge range of the Stromclads back. I was feeling pretty good about my next turn. Having the Choir use Battle Hymn was a mistake though. The long gunners next shot took out Crusaders movement by 1 box. If I had the Passage Hymn up they wouldn't have been able to shoot me but then I wouldn't have been in charge range either.
I was offered a loss at this point but tried to do some damage with Kreoss before getting killed by the long gunners and Stormclads shooting. I think thought game was closer then last weeks and considered it a step in the right direction.

The next game was a scenario game using killing field and the starter boxes for Khador and Menoth. Crusader and Repenter (should have used the Revenger for thearc node) teamed up on the Juggernaut after it took 1 victory point. The Revenger took the right objective. My jacks took care of the Juggernaut fairly easily thanks to feating. So I was getting 2 victory points a turn on top of the 1 I already had. I was surprised at how fast I was able to kill a Khador heavy they really are easy to hit so I could boost each damage roll and really pile on the damage. Destroyer tired to shoot to help is comrade but with a Rat of 4 into melee it was a lost cause. The left objective was in a forest which really made it unreachable for the slow Destroyer. At this rate I was able to sit for a round and get the 7 I needed.

I'm really happy I have can use my days off for Warmachine and not cut into my limited family time. I was disappointed the store didn't have any other Mercs I wanted to buy. I did get some more primer and some good paint brushes though. Next Tuesday is all ready set and I will more then likely get a new unit to throw at Dustin this weekend. I will also try to get a game in against Mike on Sunday since I took vacation for the opening weekend of NFL.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Try to know the enemy

Knowing that my buddy Mike is splitting the 2 player battle box. He's getting the Khador half of the box so I better start looking at them. Kommander Sorscha looks like your average Russian chick with a pile hat. Having 3 different poses to choose from is cool. Reading her feat makes me think it's Kreoss's only slightly different. Kreoss makes people have to stand up where she makes people able to leave combat since they aren't engaged. Hitting on Def 5 is going to sting. I may be a little bias but I like Kreoss's better. Her stat line is pretty average I think but the Def 16 very good. She going to be hard to hit for sure. For having warjacks with speed 4, her spell Boundless Charge will make them get across the board in a hurry. I'm glad she only has 6 focus. Tempest and Freezing Grip are little mini feats. I'll have to make sure the Choir can help with those.

Destroyer a 9 point heavy looks very cool. Heavy armor is represented very well by the sculpt. Armor 20 is pretty good the weapons seem really hard hitting. Critical hits are going to hurt real bad. Having 34 damage boxes is the scariest thing that I can see right off. I really can't believe Juggernaut is only 7 points. Ice Axe is gross and it has the same Armour and boxes as Destroyer is the ranged attack really worth 2 points? Seeing other warjack options in there book and Wrath reminds me it only gets worse. Base armor 25, Bulldoze, and Mecaniks mean it only gets worse.

Now everyone is telling me that Khador don't have light warjacks, have they not seem Man-O-Wars? These guys look like light jack if I've ever seen a light jack. Shield Wall oh great only armor 21 with 8 wounds. Having a Rat of 5 makes me happy since they have P+S 14 cannon. I guess the fact they don't get focus to boost makes them not as scary as a light jack. I also know Mike will be looking for 1 maybe 2 more plastic units of these models mean I better get good at killing them. Mike is really good at using his infantry to tie up heavies and soften them up for his heavies. Expendable is OK since it's not how many pieces leave the board long you get the checkmate in the end. 

Over all I think Khador is a very solid army that can take a huge punch. I think it'll be fun and some of the models they have look sweet. Spriggan looks really cool. Mike if you read this and you better buy one of those.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Just a little stuff

So the dreaded work and adult life stuff got in my way yesterday which was a bummer. I have gotten to listen to,, and more Being really new still it's very nice when Menoth is the main focus on the shows since I at least don't have to look up who they are talking about. They made me remember some details that I need for my Warmachine/Hordes tool box. Like focus can heal casters. Hmm seems like a good thing to remember. Lets see if my caster dies it's pretty much game over. Yep lets go ahead and try to keep him alive. This would have maybe helped on Tues. Listening to how Thyra's feat works would have made me sound like I can read. But just hearing how other players build around a caster and who they include was really awesome for me. Since I can't or don't want to live at a game store to watch games this is very helpful. Also I have already seen how our meta is shaped by a few of the players in the area. Luckily I think Jerry, one of go to resources is one of them.

Not sure if I've mentioned this but I think I know where I'm heading when I jump up to 20 points. Kell Bailoch for some range and solo hunting. I'm also going to max out the Choir since most of my opponents hate them. Also not having to make a command check so fast wouldn't hurt. A Mechanik because I'm so jack heavy why not make them live longer if I can. And finally some Wracks. I really like Defenders Ward and even if I just use that focus to keep that up they seem worth 1 point to me. AOE 5 with a POW 14 can't hurt in some cases as well since I know Mike like 1 wound infantry. The other option is the Choir upgrade, Wracks, and eEiyrss who I hear is a beast. Even though they aren't popular I'm going to add the Cinerators after the box set comes out for my next infantry unit. POW 12 weapon master with 8 wounds seem like a fun place to start. Now remember none of these options will happen for some time. I don't think getting a few more 15 points games under my belt is going to hurt.

As far as painting goes I have all the Choir undercoated and ready for paint. My 6 year old daughter started an arson investigation because of the mysterious black residue on a 2/4 in the backyard. She also hadn't ever smelled what was on the wood. Imagine her relief and disappointment when I told her it was just primer and not an evil super criminal burning a 2/4 in the yard. I forgot how long it's been since I've played a table top war game.