Sunday, February 9, 2014

Is This Still Here?

Hey wow I still have a blog. Getting put back on day shift and starting college really cut into my free time. I know own not only Menoth but Cryx and Gators. I own every Gator model that is out for regular sale. The only models in Gators that need painting is Rask, Maelok, a Croak Hunter and my Swamp Gobbers. I sold a bunch of Star Wars minis to pick up the other factions. Cryx has been my go to faction now since I have so many options for them. I have so much Cryx that I only need Bane Thralls so I can use pGoreshades feat. My favorite caster is pDenny. I took her to a tournament after a Journeyman League and did really well. Even though I could take 2 lists I only took 1 because I knew the list and didn't want to fight the clock. I ended up 3-1 in 3rd place. I played against some Ret guy (they don't count) eHaley, eMorvana, and Butcher 3 only losing to Khador. The funny part was the "good players" said 1 list could never do well in an event. Well after beating one of them and only losing to 3 unboosted natural 10's on two dice I felt pretty good about myself.

If you haven't picked up High Command you should. Deck builders are fun to play and this one is no different. Having a deck builder where you get to have combat is very fun. Casters are very powerful and seeing that new cards keep the game fresh this game will only get better.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Skorne just needed killin

SO I got back in the saddle again after Thanksgiving. I had my first 35 point game against Skorne. I made the biggest jump in point for a couple of reasons. I want to get started going to tournaments after Christmas is over. I got an Avatar and s unit of Bastions, and it seemed fun. I played pSevvy which is becoming my favorite caster. I love having a huge control area, 8 focus, and Eye of Menoth. That spell really rocks. So after watching a few rounds of a local tournament and listing to every episode of I've picked up a few things. I'm rally trying to not waste my focus and using it as an armor buff seems really good on some cases.

Highlights of the game. Bronzeback vs Avatar including the Avatar getting thrown into my Vanquisher. Avatar walking up and slapping the Bronzeback to death after getting thrown. By the way having my Avatar thrown was fine by me since it brought it about 3 inches from my Mechanik! Finally making Mike ask about the Vassal and Vanquisher and rate of fire. I figure if you have to look it up it's a really good combo.

Lowest point of the game was realizing I need to get back to painting. Mike has every model he owns painted right now. If it's not raining again tomorrow I'll be undercoating Bookman, Cinerators, and the Bastions. Then I'll finish painting the Vanquisher and Rupert.

Outside of Warmachine if anyone needs a great card game on the cheap look into It's not collectable so you won't have to chase cards unless you want a few promos that are floating around. Well thanks for reading.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm Back with good reason

Sorry for the time off from this blog. I got my old shift back which cuts into my free time. It gives me more game time but less computer time. I also got to see what a tournament was like. But before we get to that I'll get into what new things we've seen for Warmachine.

I faced Gators for the first time and must say Gatorman Posse are gross. This unit hits hard has at least 40 damage boxes and really slapped me around. I will say one problem I had with them was the my opponent fielded 2 units of Posse. I couldn't really tell one unit from the other as far as painting goes. I really hurt both units but would have focused on one or the other knowing that Revive was bringing a gator back. The fact they can chew up a light jack in one turn was really impressive. My list had a Vanquisher (my new favorite jack) and 2 Repenters. The lights did set a lot of stuff on fire but having such high armor it didn't do much. I thought my Cinerators where hard to kill! Armor 20, (up to 24) 8 boxes, and a reach weapon for only 1 point more is wrong. I will also say the list that was taken was basically his 35 point list minus 10 for me playing at 25 still. He knew his list very well and made good use of his feat turn to club me like the baby seal I am. 

I also ran into the Molik Karn missile the same night. The basic list is a Titan Gladiator and Karn. Once again I was using the same list just different caster. So having 2 light warjacks didn't really help all that much against 2 heavies. I did do a good job at focusing on killing 1 major threat but really misjudged Moliks threat range. I moved my Cinerators to try to give Karn no charge threats but really just opened up my caster. Severious can't take to many hits from Molik Karn!

So in my last 4 games including 2 against Cygnar I'm 0-4. I do think I've lost most of my games due to less then an inch more then me just screwing up. Or is me making a range guess wrong a screw up hmm? Anyways I've slowed down on painting since I'm spending more time with the family after work. I do have pSeverious, a 50% complete Piper (thanks Micah for the fig!) and a 90% complete Vanquisher since my last post. I also got a great deal on a Avatar of Menoth. $14 on ebay plus $2.44 for the card from Privateer Press for a whopping $16.44 warjack! I'm looking at Temple Flameguard with UA as the next unit I get. Big shout out to Jason for helping with rules, list options, and blog love! Once again thanks for reading and I'll do better at updates I promise.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Circle are fast!

So after a very busy week I'm making time to go over the Warmachine day that Tuesday turned into. The plan for the day was games with Dustin in the morning then Mike, Dustin, Loren, and I at evening. The morning games started with 2 battle box games Menoth vs. Circle. Game 1 was light Argus's on fire and watch them burn. Pop feat and throw spells for the win. Since Dustin was using Circle for the first time it wasn't even close. Game 2 my Revenger gets slapped by the Warpwolf since it's arc node channeled the kill spells game 1. Warpwolf also bitch slapped my Crusader the turn before I ran up and threw spells after feating. I will say that he used Spirit Door really well in the 2nd game making my slow war jacks pay.

Next up with he and I having a bunch of new figures we played 25 points Cygnar vs Menoth.

Cygnar list was
Kara Sloan
2 Hunters
Arcane Gun Mages
Black 13th

Menoth List
Epic Feora
5 Cinerators
Min unit of Choir

The idea was have all my main damage units give continuous fire and they did. I misused my Cinerators by forgetting they have +2 Spd when damaged so they where a non-factor. They did take a large amount of shooting before they died. During my feat turn I took out the Arcane Gun Mages by moving the fire off the jacks and on to them. Kara feat turn is nothing to sneeze at she can shoot! I lost the game but Dustin said he never felt in control of it. I really enjoyed the new models having a choice of casters is awesome.

So later that night we all met across town for more games. When I got there Mike was playing a Journeyman game so I played with Jason. Jason is a guy I know from playing Magic. We talked it over and I found out he won a 35 point tournament that weekend playing Circle. Jason is a technical player and has a great handle on the rules which I really liked. I really learned some very important things in this game. Choir have to have LOS to the jack for there Hymns. It seems small but may be a huge difference if I try a tournament someday. Also Lord of the Feast's bird shot doesn't activate the Vassal's Enliven. The main point if Fury is a great mechanic for warlocks. Turn 2 I spend 2 focus to shoot Immolation at Grayle. Spell 1 hits does about 8 wounds. Immolation #2 hits does about 8 wounds that gets redirected to Woldwarden. Oh boy he can do that 2 more times since he had 3 Fury on him. I think that mean my assassination run just stopped. It was a fast game but I still got a huge amount of knowledge out of it. I'm really looking forward to learning more from Jason.

Well I plan on playing more on Tuesday and painting up another Repenter this week. I also got a army case so my wife can stop knocking my painted models around. I'm looking at Temple Flameguard, an Avatar, and the Blessing of Vengeance for my next additions. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

1st at 25 points

So today I'm looking at my first 25 point list. Dustin and I are playing at our normal 11AM time slot and then again Tuesday night with Mike and Lauren. First game will be Menoth vs Circle battle boxes. Then Cygnar vs Menoth 25 points. I'm wanting to try out a new caster and some new models I've just gotten. So far this is the list I'm thinking.

eFeora-new caster I've been wanting to try and focus on setting stuff on fire.

1 Revenger- By far my favorite war jack. It'll be bonded to Feora for more fire.
2 Repenters- More fire and now that I own two why not.
5 Cinerators- Bookman giving them flames of wrath for more fire if needed.
Bookman- Just got him and want to try him out.
Choir Min unit- Dustin hates them and I love them!
Vassal of Mentoh- One more chance to have a jack set something on fire.
Now for the last 2 points I'm thinking either Alton Ashley or Wracks and Vassal Mekanic. I'm leaning toward the fixer and Wracks. Having more focus for Feora seems the way to go. And fixing some cheap light jacks would be funny. I will miss using my freshly painted Eiryss but she'll get plenty of playing time in the night games. The main idea is playing a fun game with new models. Feoras feat should be a beast when it gets popped.

Check back on Wednesday to see how I  did.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Thur was a great day!

Well my mission of having everything I own painted only lasted 2 days. I won an auction for pFeora and pSeverius for a total of $15 shipped. It was a great deal. I'm going to need to strip the primer since it's pretty thick though. So here I was sitting at home waiting for UPS to arrive hopefully before work and it doesn't show in time. I walk out to my car and see the postman pull up. I walk over and ask if he has anything good for me and he pulls out a letter for one of my kids. Then after being let down he grabs a box for me out of his pouch. There are my 2 new casters. I hop in my car and head to work. I get a text from my daughter saying that UPS just left me a box. YES! I get home for my lunch break 3 hours later and there it is. I got a 2 player battle box, Wracks, Covenant of Menoth, Alton Ashley, and epic cards for my new casters. So now I have 2 casters, 3 war jacks, 5 infantry, and 5 solos to paint.

I added the last picture to show how thin the 2 player battle box is. I was really surprised that 17 models of which 5 are heavies fit in that box. Also the Cinerators are going to be a mother to paint they have a ton of details. I think each one is 9 pieces as well. Lots of layers but very cool looking figures. The Wracks to be honest shouldn't take long to knock out I may start on them today. I really wish I didn't work 12.5 hours today. Well thanks again for reading.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

eEiyrss forgot her yesterday

My wife said she hates the "Pepto Pink" look but I think she pops. I also forgot to include these pics yesterday. I'm busy waiting on UPS and or the mail man for a ton (4.5 pounds really) of new models. I think the brick came out cool. I did the grey first trying to get it to look like space between them wasn't red but oh well. I also wanted her to look like a Merc not purple like the rest of my force.