Sunday, December 4, 2011

Skorne just needed killin

SO I got back in the saddle again after Thanksgiving. I had my first 35 point game against Skorne. I made the biggest jump in point for a couple of reasons. I want to get started going to tournaments after Christmas is over. I got an Avatar and s unit of Bastions, and it seemed fun. I played pSevvy which is becoming my favorite caster. I love having a huge control area, 8 focus, and Eye of Menoth. That spell really rocks. So after watching a few rounds of a local tournament and listing to every episode of I've picked up a few things. I'm rally trying to not waste my focus and using it as an armor buff seems really good on some cases.

Highlights of the game. Bronzeback vs Avatar including the Avatar getting thrown into my Vanquisher. Avatar walking up and slapping the Bronzeback to death after getting thrown. By the way having my Avatar thrown was fine by me since it brought it about 3 inches from my Mechanik! Finally making Mike ask about the Vassal and Vanquisher and rate of fire. I figure if you have to look it up it's a really good combo.

Lowest point of the game was realizing I need to get back to painting. Mike has every model he owns painted right now. If it's not raining again tomorrow I'll be undercoating Bookman, Cinerators, and the Bastions. Then I'll finish painting the Vanquisher and Rupert.

Outside of Warmachine if anyone needs a great card game on the cheap look into It's not collectable so you won't have to chase cards unless you want a few promos that are floating around. Well thanks for reading.

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