Sunday, February 9, 2014

Is This Still Here?

Hey wow I still have a blog. Getting put back on day shift and starting college really cut into my free time. I know own not only Menoth but Cryx and Gators. I own every Gator model that is out for regular sale. The only models in Gators that need painting is Rask, Maelok, a Croak Hunter and my Swamp Gobbers. I sold a bunch of Star Wars minis to pick up the other factions. Cryx has been my go to faction now since I have so many options for them. I have so much Cryx that I only need Bane Thralls so I can use pGoreshades feat. My favorite caster is pDenny. I took her to a tournament after a Journeyman League and did really well. Even though I could take 2 lists I only took 1 because I knew the list and didn't want to fight the clock. I ended up 3-1 in 3rd place. I played against some Ret guy (they don't count) eHaley, eMorvana, and Butcher 3 only losing to Khador. The funny part was the "good players" said 1 list could never do well in an event. Well after beating one of them and only losing to 3 unboosted natural 10's on two dice I felt pretty good about myself.

If you haven't picked up High Command you should. Deck builders are fun to play and this one is no different. Having a deck builder where you get to have combat is very fun. Casters are very powerful and seeing that new cards keep the game fresh this game will only get better.

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