Friday, October 7, 2011

Thur was a great day!

Well my mission of having everything I own painted only lasted 2 days. I won an auction for pFeora and pSeverius for a total of $15 shipped. It was a great deal. I'm going to need to strip the primer since it's pretty thick though. So here I was sitting at home waiting for UPS to arrive hopefully before work and it doesn't show in time. I walk out to my car and see the postman pull up. I walk over and ask if he has anything good for me and he pulls out a letter for one of my kids. Then after being let down he grabs a box for me out of his pouch. There are my 2 new casters. I hop in my car and head to work. I get a text from my daughter saying that UPS just left me a box. YES! I get home for my lunch break 3 hours later and there it is. I got a 2 player battle box, Wracks, Covenant of Menoth, Alton Ashley, and epic cards for my new casters. So now I have 2 casters, 3 war jacks, 5 infantry, and 5 solos to paint.

I added the last picture to show how thin the 2 player battle box is. I was really surprised that 17 models of which 5 are heavies fit in that box. Also the Cinerators are going to be a mother to paint they have a ton of details. I think each one is 9 pieces as well. Lots of layers but very cool looking figures. The Wracks to be honest shouldn't take long to knock out I may start on them today. I really wish I didn't work 12.5 hours today. Well thanks again for reading.

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