Saturday, October 15, 2011

Circle are fast!

So after a very busy week I'm making time to go over the Warmachine day that Tuesday turned into. The plan for the day was games with Dustin in the morning then Mike, Dustin, Loren, and I at evening. The morning games started with 2 battle box games Menoth vs. Circle. Game 1 was light Argus's on fire and watch them burn. Pop feat and throw spells for the win. Since Dustin was using Circle for the first time it wasn't even close. Game 2 my Revenger gets slapped by the Warpwolf since it's arc node channeled the kill spells game 1. Warpwolf also bitch slapped my Crusader the turn before I ran up and threw spells after feating. I will say that he used Spirit Door really well in the 2nd game making my slow war jacks pay.

Next up with he and I having a bunch of new figures we played 25 points Cygnar vs Menoth.

Cygnar list was
Kara Sloan
2 Hunters
Arcane Gun Mages
Black 13th

Menoth List
Epic Feora
5 Cinerators
Min unit of Choir

The idea was have all my main damage units give continuous fire and they did. I misused my Cinerators by forgetting they have +2 Spd when damaged so they where a non-factor. They did take a large amount of shooting before they died. During my feat turn I took out the Arcane Gun Mages by moving the fire off the jacks and on to them. Kara feat turn is nothing to sneeze at she can shoot! I lost the game but Dustin said he never felt in control of it. I really enjoyed the new models having a choice of casters is awesome.

So later that night we all met across town for more games. When I got there Mike was playing a Journeyman game so I played with Jason. Jason is a guy I know from playing Magic. We talked it over and I found out he won a 35 point tournament that weekend playing Circle. Jason is a technical player and has a great handle on the rules which I really liked. I really learned some very important things in this game. Choir have to have LOS to the jack for there Hymns. It seems small but may be a huge difference if I try a tournament someday. Also Lord of the Feast's bird shot doesn't activate the Vassal's Enliven. The main point if Fury is a great mechanic for warlocks. Turn 2 I spend 2 focus to shoot Immolation at Grayle. Spell 1 hits does about 8 wounds. Immolation #2 hits does about 8 wounds that gets redirected to Woldwarden. Oh boy he can do that 2 more times since he had 3 Fury on him. I think that mean my assassination run just stopped. It was a fast game but I still got a huge amount of knowledge out of it. I'm really looking forward to learning more from Jason.

Well I plan on playing more on Tuesday and painting up another Repenter this week. I also got a army case so my wife can stop knocking my painted models around. I'm looking at Temple Flameguard, an Avatar, and the Blessing of Vengeance for my next additions. 

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