Monday, October 10, 2011

1st at 25 points

So today I'm looking at my first 25 point list. Dustin and I are playing at our normal 11AM time slot and then again Tuesday night with Mike and Lauren. First game will be Menoth vs Circle battle boxes. Then Cygnar vs Menoth 25 points. I'm wanting to try out a new caster and some new models I've just gotten. So far this is the list I'm thinking.

eFeora-new caster I've been wanting to try and focus on setting stuff on fire.

1 Revenger- By far my favorite war jack. It'll be bonded to Feora for more fire.
2 Repenters- More fire and now that I own two why not.
5 Cinerators- Bookman giving them flames of wrath for more fire if needed.
Bookman- Just got him and want to try him out.
Choir Min unit- Dustin hates them and I love them!
Vassal of Mentoh- One more chance to have a jack set something on fire.
Now for the last 2 points I'm thinking either Alton Ashley or Wracks and Vassal Mekanic. I'm leaning toward the fixer and Wracks. Having more focus for Feora seems the way to go. And fixing some cheap light jacks would be funny. I will miss using my freshly painted Eiryss but she'll get plenty of playing time in the night games. The main idea is playing a fun game with new models. Feoras feat should be a beast when it gets popped.

Check back on Wednesday to see how I  did.

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